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Groups are how we do life together. More to come, as people get re-accustomed to gathering together…

Current Group Engagement…

2020 and 2021 have been unprecedented in their effect on people and their gathering habits. We recognize that, and so we are working to do what we can to meet together while respecting each person’s safety choices for themselves. Currently, we have the following types of groups:

Service groups

These are groups of folks engaged in serving in some way, like our Sunday morning Technology Team, Worship Team, Fellowship Team, to name a few.

Discipleship groups

These are groups like our men’s ministry and women’s ministry groups, bible studies, and other gatherings around growing deeper with Christ and one another.

Comunity and Event groups

These groups are both an opportunity to organize and engage as well as just participate, like our coffee and canvas events, or open gym game nights, as well as a our acoustic community strum along.

To find out more information about these groups make sure to contact us!

Community Bible Study

Join a global bible study movement that began in 1975, focusing on verse-by-verse discussion!