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How to invest in the Kingdom work at ARCC…

Why Give

We know that our financial resources are something we hold pretty tightly to. We teach the biblical principle of tithing, but we also know that everyone has to start someplace in this part of the journey with Christ and investing in His work in the world. We also know that God speaks of generosity and supporting His work in the world in the context of growing in relationship with Him and with others, so our goal is for all of us to continue growing in those relationships. God owns everything, and gives us management of it to glorify Him. So no strong-arm tactics here - let God guide your giving to Him.

How to give…

There are traditional ways of giving - on Sunday morning, you can simply place your offering in the offering box at the rear of the auditorium, or you can also mail your tithes and offerings to the office. If you are here on our website, you are definitely tech savvy enough to give online, as well. We use a platform called RebelGive that gives us both bank-level security and ease of use. You can be sure your offering won’t be eaten up by a lot of extra fees, and will make it securely into the ministry of American River Community Church. To get started, click the “next steps” button down in the corner!