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Job Openings!

ARCC and Wonder-Land Preschool and Daycare are growing! Find our latest job postings here!

We are in need of some key roles at the school to be filled.

The positions are: 

Secretary- temporary for 6 months or possibly permanent if current Secretary doesn’t come back from maternity leave. Phones. Filing. Greeting. Basically the face and voice of Wonderland…the first point of contact when anyone calls or comes in….but no pressure though. Also Possibly some  light bookkeeping. 

2 y/o teacher- must have 12 core ECE units plus prior experience teaching/ caring for this age group & have the faith of Daniel in the lion’s den

Toddler teacher- we are on the verge of adding this age group to our preschool license. Must have infant/ toddler units on top of regular ECE units. They are really a sweet bunch! Usually this is the stage of development before “NO” becomes a part of their vocabulary.

Kindergarten- after school program. A teacher with ECE units that is able to care for these wonderful children. Must not get easily offended though …this age group is very transparent and honest & they do say the darndest things.

School-age afternoon teacher- a teacher to run the after school program. After a day spent in public school looking for someone who can help recalibrate and center the kiddos on Christ and His principles. Art projects. Games. Bible devotions. Someone  who can sow into the lives of these children. Our window of time with them is small so our impact must be great!   

Subs- of course we need people to fill these positions on occasion during illness, vacations, and times when the regular crew just need a break.

Of course, all of the positions require some sort of education and experience, but what we are looking for are people with a heart for Christ and a heart for children! Thank youuu for your consideration!

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